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Our Mission

Pet Naturals® of Vermont is a leader in the pet health industry, offering highly successful solutions for common pet health concerns with products made from all natural ingredients in the form of a tasty reward. We are an innovative company driven by a mission to improve the lives of companion animals with natural alternatives to drug and chemical therapies. Pet Naturals® specializes in producing condition specific formulas that are complete and properly balanced with powerful ingredients for optimum health.

Our History

Pet Naturals® of Vermont has led the way as innovators in the pet health industry since we were established as a division of FoodScience® Corporation (FSC) in 2005. FSC has been a family owned, Vermont based company since 1972. As it was with the founders, our mission at FSC remains the same: To provide exceptional and innovative supplements for the health and well being of people and their pets.

Quality and Integrity

Pet Naturals® is committed to quality and integrity at every stage of the production process.  Our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and the raw materials we use are of the highest quality and are evaluated for purity and potency prior to use. Best manufacturing procedures are followed at all times to ensure that our exacting standards are consistently met.

About Our Supplements

Animals have unique nutritional needs. Pet Naturals® understands that about our own pets, and about yours. That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide variety of pet supplements for every pet, in every category of health. From hip and joint formulas to calming products, Pet Naturals® has a product to support your pet’s specific needs with a natural alternative approach to wellness.


Pet Naturals® is dedicated to educating and revolutionizing the nutritional supplement marketplace. Our Research and Development Consultant, Dr. Roger Kendall, Ph.D. is a founding member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). The NASC seal on Pet Naturals® products guarantees that the product meets the NASC high standards regarding quality, integrity, and labeling guidelines.