Saturday, May 18, 2024
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5 Kickstarter Pet Products – Totally Useless or Totally Want!

kickstarter-logo-lightBy Ashley Watson

I was browsing Kickstarter projects involving pets just to see what’s new out there. What I found was a small pool of a variety of projects, some of which I don’t see surviving, and some of which I was surprised to see had already been a success. It begs the question of what consumers are really looking for, or what’s just brilliant marketing and lobbying for a product that perhaps no one really needs? From pet carriers to glow-in-the-dark leashes, here are 5 Kickstarter pet products that might make you say, “Totally useless!” or “Totally want!”

Pet Pita

1. Pet Pita

No, this is not pita bread for pets; it’s a safe and easy way to carry pets that keep them from harming themselves or you. It helps with pets who hate carriers for vet visits and travel in general, and it is a great way to immobilize them when you need to medicate or groom them. It is also recommended for injured pets to keep them from injuring themselves further.

While I think this is a good idea, I think it wouldn’t be something for all pet owners. Not all pets get nervous, and how often do you need something for an injured pet? Plus, not every pet owner grooms their pet. I trim my cat’s claws, but I doubt I would be able to even get her into this contraption. I’m still on the fence with this one. Click here to learn more about it.

2. Papercut Pets

I have to admit that I was a little surprised that this project was successfully funded. Basically, it’s a paper cutout of a silhouette of your pet, but he also does custom designs of other images. You send him a pic, he cuts out the silhouette. But I guess people love their pets. He also mentions that they would make great gifts. I suppose I could think of a few people who would appreciate one of these. Learn more here.

PawNosh Bowls3. PawNosh

At first, I didn’t see why this food and water bowl was so popular, but then I read further and watched the video on the Kickstarter page. They are unbreakable and guaranteed. Each bowl is one of a kind and designed with an ergonomic handle so that you can pick it up easily. It’s also made from non-toxic, recycled glass, and they are made in the U.S.

4. WEE-GLO Glow In The Dark Pet Collars and Leashes

This is an interesting concept. What makes this a “totally want” is that you get 12 + hours of glow, and it lasts a lifetime and recharges in 10 minutes. Much more quickly than most glow-in-the-dark products. These would also make good gifts for pet owners. Watch the video to see the patented process in making the collars and leashes. They also make key chains.

5. Precious Paw Prints

These pendants enable you to put your pet’s paw print on a pendant made of your choice of silver, copper, or bronze. They also make them in steel. They send you a non-toxic pet print, and then you send back the print. The entire process takes 4-6 weeks, but this personalized reminder of a beloved pet is worth the wait for many people. Read about it here.

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