Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Best Animal Movies Ever

By Karin Krisher

From Racing Stripes to the Fox and the Hound, movies about animals have captured our hearts. Pet Naturals’ marketing department members have no shortage of viewing experiences between us, so we’ve each picked our number one to bring you a new list: The Best Animal Movies Ever.

You may notice that most of us focused on dogs. What can we say?

Darcie (Social Media Manager)—Lady and the Tramp (my favorite movie of all times)

Sean (Graphic Designer) —Rescuers Down Under

Eric (Graphic Designer) —Milo and Otis

Jordan (SEO Coordinator) —Kujo

Christie (Graphic Designer)—Ratatouille

Adrianne (Market Analyst) —Best in Show

Karin (Copywriter)—101 Dalmatians

Cassie (Media Assistant)—Beethoven

Emir (Web Designer)—Lassie

Alek (Web Designer)—Homeward Bound

Pat (Media Manager) —Mighty Joe Young

We noticed no one picked Finding Nemo, though we all agreed it should be on the list. What do you think? What’s your favorite movie about animals?