Tuesday, June 25, 2024
General Pet Health

New Pet Naturals’ Cat Treats

daily-catch-cat-chewsJust in time for spring, Pet Naturals is proud to announce a new, healthy treat option for your cats and a new, healthy option for you.

Yes, you read that right the first time.

So what’s the big news?

We’re finally getting into the treat game—and we have a new website.

We’re now making cat treats for one really good reason: felines are demanding it. Palatability scores for our three new cat treats, Garden Bites, Purr-fect Dairy Treat and Daily Catch with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil—are through the roof.

Cats are into the awesome taste and moist texture of these soft chews, and owners are into the chews’ training capability and combinations of health factors.garden-bites-cat-treats

Take Daily Catch, for instance. It’s made with real Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, so cats will lick their lips after and get a bit of omega fatty acids in their supplement regimen to support skin and coat health and so much more.

Or Garden Bites, which features real vegetables like spinach and kelp to help both cats and owners nix the high-additive, artificial filler habit that can contribute to obesity, which is a huge problem in cat world. If you want to train your cat, nothing beats these two options.

dairy-cat-treatsAnd the Purr-fect Dairy Treat? Well, that’s just perfect. It’s delicious (93% of cats love the taste) and features no added grain, corn meal, artificial colors or flavors.

The other news we mentioned, our new website, is also a spring treat. It’s easier to navigate to information about your favorite Pet Naturals’ products, easier to order through one of our affiliates, and easier to look at, to boot.

Have you tried either the new website OR the new cat treats? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page!