Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Doggy Breath and Mushroom Extract

dog breathWhen we think of mushrooms, we usually think of steak and cheeses, stir fries, salads and pizza toppings. We don’t always think of the other types of mushrooms that are also edible – but have a specialized benefit for our health and our pets’ health, too.

During Dental Health Awareness Month, though, that’s exactly what we’re up to.

We’ve formulated a product that feature Champex™ brand Champignon Mushroom to support a reduction in gross doggy breath and fecal odor. The basics: It promotes freshness, from end to end.


Champex™ works through neutralizing or capturing and thereby removing the toxic maodor-causing substances in the body, like ammonia, indole, mercaptan, hydrogen sulfide and amine, both in the intestines and in the blood.

It has been extensively studied for its ability to reduce odors and improve intestinal conditions. The mushroom extract doesn’t just deal with what’s kicking around in the mouth, but instead attacks odors where they generate, in the gut and in the blood, making it an incredible solution if you’re someone who loves to give your pup a kiss every so often.

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