Saturday, May 18, 2024
General Pet Health

Halloween Tips for Pets

By Ashley Watson

Miniature Pinscher-bat costumeHappy Halloween from Pet Naturals® of Vermont! We want to make sure you and your pets have a safe and happy Halloween with today’s blog post. Do you have a dog who barks every time the doorbell rings? Or a cat who gets anxious when there’s extra commotion in the home? Read these tips on how to keep your pets calm and everyone safe this Halloween.


1. Don’t Leave Dogs Unattended in the Yard

Even if you think your dog is okay on a tie-out, your dog may get upset when large crowds of trick-or-treaters keep passing by. If you have a large dog or one who barks a lot, warn neighbors with a sign in front of your house. If possible, it’s best to keep the dog inside. Dogs that jump or bark at the doorbell may need to be kept in a room away from the front door. Giving the dog a Calming chew is another option.

2. Keep Indoor Cats Away from the Door

This is especially important if you have a cat who tries to escape when the door is open. Keep your cat in a room with the door closed. Make sure the cat has access to fresh water and a litter box. For outdoor cats, make sure they are inside before it gets dark. Pet Naturals® also makes Calming for cats.

3. Give Energetic Dogs Lots of Exercise

Go for a walk with the dog before all the trick-or-treaters begin roaming the neighborhood. If you have a dog with extra energy, try to give the dog plenty of exercise during the day. Take a trip to the dog park or somewhere your dog can run off leash. A tired dog is a good dog!

4. Keep Pets Away from the Candy

Cat-devil costumeThis one may seem obvious, but even if your pets don’t normally get into things they shouldn’t, the enticing smells from the open candy bowl may be too tempting. Some dogs will eat the wrapper as well, which can cause blockages and other problems.

Keep candy out of reach, or inside a cabinet near the door. Even healthy treats for kids can be dangerous for pets. For more information about foods that are toxic to pets, the ASPCA has some common foods listed on their website’s Halloween Safety Tips.

5. Take Extra Precautions When Trick-or-Treating with Dogs

If you intend to bring your dog trick-or-treating with you, make sure your dog is visible to cars. While most people carry lights or put reflectors on costumes, they don’t often do this for dogs. If your dog is in costume, attach reflective material, glow sticks, or even a rear bike light. You can find reflective vests for dogs at pet stores.

Even if you normally use a retractable leash, this is not advised on Halloween. Put your dog on a shorter, non-retractable leash, which will help keep your dog from jumping on small children. People could also trip on the thin wire on a retractable leash if they can’t see it.

Happy-HalloweenWe’ve also posted more Halloween tips on Facebook. Don’t forget about our Halloween Costume Contest! We are still accepting pictures of pets in costume. Post them on Facebook for the chance to win $100 worth of Pet Naturals® products! We wish you a very safe and happy Halloween!