Tuesday, June 25, 2024
General Pet Health

Holiday Stress

This next post is from Becky Allen, our Product Development Coordinator. Becky is also a volunteer foster parent for the Green Mountain Pug Rescue. Becky’s current foster, Monty, is now available for adoption . Thank you to Kelly Schulze of Mountain Dog Photography for the beautiful photo.

By Becky Allen

I was shocked to look at the calendar today to see that Hanukkah and Christmas are so close. Besides shopping, cooking, and baking, this time of year is busy with friends and family stopping by to enjoy some holiday cheer.  I keep a bag of Pet Naturals Calming chews on hand for my Pugs.  This allows them to feel at ease during these times of coming and going from friends and family.

I’ve also found that Pet Naturals Calming Chews are great for toenail clipping, vet appointments, fireworks, thunderstorms and transitioning new foster pugs into my home—what could be more scary for a dog than being taken from what they know and placed with complete strangers.  I find that Pet Naturals Calming chews make this transition easier for the newest member of our household.

During this holiday season, I’m reminding  everyone that sometimes the best presents are the ones that make the biggest impact.  I urge you to support local charities that are near and dear to your heart.  Rescues see a huge influx of animals during and after the holiday season.

Pug Hugs,