Saturday, May 18, 2024
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How to Find the Perfect Pet Rabbit

By Karin Krisher

Rabbits are on the rise. We’ve all heard how quickly they breed. What about how quickly they put us humans under their spells? More and more people are choosing to bring a cuddly bunny into their lives, and we’re here to help you all with the most important part of the process: how to find the perfect pet rabbit for your home.

Choosing a bunny shouldn’t be as easy as pointing a finger and lining a cage. It should require a bit of work (and at least one Pet Naturals blog post) to figure out which is the perfect pet for your home.


First, decide where you feel comfortable purchasing your bunny. Check your local shelters, as bunnies are plentiful and rescuing an animal who needs a forever home is incredibly rewarding. If you aren’t able to find a bunny at a shelter or you are committed to a breeder, we recommend choosing a breeder with high standards for cleanliness, health and quality of life. Ask to see the facility if you have any doubts.

Next, you should try to find a bunny with a personality that matches your pet style. Are you looking for a friendly, cuddly pal? Lop-eared bunnies have a good reputation. Are you looking for a hyper, jumpy, wild bunny? Dwarfs are more likely to act out. (In general, you should try to meet the actual individual, and not determine your choice based solely on breed, but on individual merits. If you notice a bunny that’s particularly aggressive toward your children, for example, it’s probably not for you.)

After you’ve chosen your “type,” talk to the breeder about which rabbits fit that profile, and ask to see them or spend some time with them to find out if you’re a good fit. If you’re looking for a companion, a great tip is to consider rabbits that have already lived around humans, so they’re comfortable in such a social setting.

Don’t forget to ask about the sex of the rabbit. It is difficult to figure out on your own, so if the breeder has some sort of documentation, that’s even better. If choosing a male might be more your style (you did have your heart set on the name Rab Lowe, after all), be sure you get a male (and vice versa).

Finally, grab a copy of Rabbits for Dummies and make sure you’re making all the right moves. Bunnies are social, energetic and funny, but they can also be ornery and aggressive. Just like humans, dogs and cats, it takes all types! Knowing about care and expenses will minimize your adjustment time when you do decide to let the perfect pet rabbit hop along home with you!