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Pet Naturals® Introduces Blogger Influencer Program for Calming

Calming-GroupAre you a blogger with a pet? Or do you follow other bloggers who write about pets? On December 1st, Pet Naturals® of Vermont will launch a Blogger Influencer Program to increase awareness about our Calming products. Part of our goal is to educate consumers about this product, as well as promote the retailers who carry our products. Qualifying bloggers will get a year’s supply of Calming for cats or dogs by Pet Naturals®. Please read on to learn more about this program and how to participate.

What Makes Calming Unique?

This targeted marketing campaign is a great opportunity to spread the word about a pet owner’s experience with Calming. Calming by Pet Naturals® is a supplement designed to support a calm, balanced state of mind, without causing impaired motor skills or changing the pet’s personality. It’s perfect for use during times of stress, such as trips to the vet, thunderstorms, fireworks, boarding, holidays, or whenever your pet experiences separation anxiety while you are at work. It can be used daily or as needed during stressful situations.

Ariyel-with-techThe best part about Calming is that it is available in a delicious chicken liver flavored chew. We guarantee that your pet will love it! Even though it is not a treat, your dog or cat will think it is, which makes it easier to give your pet this supplement. And if you’ve ever tried to pill a cat, you know the importance of having an easy delivery system. Calming is not a drug, nor does it contain any herbs. It contains three main ingredients to support calming and relaxation, but they will not cause drowsiness or adverse side effects.

All three ingredients are designed to work together. Colostrum is naturally found in breast milk, and The Colostrum Calming Complex included in this product supports cognitive function and normal response to stress. L-Theanine helps bring neurotransmitters back into balance by producing other amino acids, such as dopamine and GABA. B vitamins (thiamine) produce a calming effect on the central nervous system.

How Does the Blogger Influencer Program Work?

We’ve invited a select list of influential bloggers in the pet world to try our Calming products for their cats or dogs. The bloggers will write about their experience and the product itself in a blog post. At the end of the post, each blogger will include a link to a web page so that readers can sign up to receive a free bag of Calming for their cat or dog. The first 200 visitors to sign up will receive the free product. Any visitor after that will receive a coupon for $1 toward the purchase of one of our Calming products, as well as an additional $1 coupon for liking or following us on Facebook or Twitter.

The coupon offer will begin on December 1st and end January 1st, 2014. If you are a blogger, the chance to submit your blog will only last until December 15th. If you are interested in participating in the Calming blogger influencer program, send an email to Charity Pletcher at with a link to your blog, your email address, and whether you’d be interested in Calming for Dogs or Calming for Cats, or send us a message on Facebook and find out how you can get your supply today!

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