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Pet Naturals® Reflects on SuperZoo 2013

By Ashley Watson

super-zooIn July, Pet Naturals® of Vermont made our 5th appearance at SuperZoo, one of the fastest growing pet product trade shows in the country. This year’s event was held July 23rd through 25th in Las Vegas, and we were very excited to attend and introduce our new products, including some new members to our Daily Best family of cat and dog products and three new rabbit supplements that were launched in July.

Early in July, we published a blog post about our upcoming trip to SuperZoo, and this week, we had a chance to catch up with a few members of the sales team who helped represent Pet Naturals® in Las Vegas. Those who attended included our new CEO, Tim Gerke; Bill Reilly, Sales Manager; Ali Broemeling, eCommerce Manager; and Outside Sales Representatives, Bill McBrearty and Brittany Keeshan.

Ali Broemeling was able to take some time out to answer a few specific questions about her experience at SuperZoo. Here’s a summary of our Q and A session:

AW: How would you describe SuperZoo to someone who has never been to or heard of this annual event?

super-zooAB: SuperZoo is a gathering of professionals from the pet industry. It includes everyone from manufactures, buyers, press, marketers and many others involved in our industry. It provides an opportunity to network, learn about new products, and participate in a variety learning opportunities.

AW: What were some of the more interesting/fun products and toys featured this year?

AB: The winner of the new product showcase was an automatic ball thrower for dogs. What I found to be interesting was Animal Supply’s mock up store, which was a live example of retail merchandizing.

AW: Why is it important for Pet Naturals to make an appearance at events like SuperZoo?

superzooAB: Our presence as a leader in our category is important. It keeps us in front of the buyers and gives us the opportunity to showcase new products. It also allows us to keep up with what is going on in different corners of the industry.

AW: Is there anything else you want to mention, such as anything interesting you saw or learned?

AB: There were some wild poodles patrolling around from the grooming competition. I don’t think we took any photos of them.

Too bad they didn’t get pictures of the wild poodles, but they did get some great shots. In addition to the automatic ball thrower, there were plenty of other fun new toys at the event, such as Chewish Treats for the Kosher pet, and “Furchun Cookies” for a fun way to give treats to pets.

After speaking with Ali, we briefly talked with Sales Manager, Bill Reilly, who remarked on how this year’s event was very well attended. “It’s a great venue,” he said, “and it was particularly challenging this year due to the heat.” Despite the fact that the average temperature in Las Vegas that week was 109°, it didn’t stop the industry leaders from attending one of the best opportunities to present new products and connect with people who are truly passionate about pets.