Saturday, May 18, 2024
Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week: Brindy

By Karin Krisher

Everyone’s got their favorites, and for our Media Manager Pat Ritchie, her nearly-six-year-old Boxer/Lab is at the top of the list.

Brindy, whose name comes from her brindle coloring, is this week’s Pet Naturals Pet of the Week! (And Pat couldn’t be more proud!)

Brindy is special for many reasons. First, she needed a loving forever home and was blessed to find it with Pat and Brian when she was just six weeks old.

“Brindy was abused by the people who had her, so it took a long time to have her warm up to Brian, but she and I had a special bond from the very minute we met,” says Pat. “There was just something there right from the beginning that tied us together, very deeply.  She loves to cuddle next to me when sitting on the couch, and always wants to be touched—hand on her back, her head on my lap, whatever.”

Today, Brindy has many friends (Millie, Pat’s other dog, and two cats) and plenty of personality to go around.

Pat says Brindy loves to smile (except when anyone has a camera in hand—she’s camera shy!) and “when she gets excited, she sneezes.” She takes her food from her bowl and brings it to her bed to eat. “In the winter, she acts like an otter and bounces through the snow in the yard, literally in and out of the snow—it’s bizarre to watch!”

That bouncing isn’t the only exercise Brindy gets, though it is a big part of her health regimen. Brindy is full of energy, says Pat, so she loves to jump (she can reach almost six feet vertically) and is obsessed with her walks. She’s even learned what W-A-L-K means!

Aside from walking, Brindy also takes Pet Naturals supplements to support her healthy, active lifestyle. She’s a fan of SKIN + COAT and DAILY BEST for her day-to-day—and occasionally CALMING to support stress management.

Because Brindy is a loyal customer and a loyal friend, we’re happy to feature her as our Pet of the Week!

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