Saturday, May 18, 2024
Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week: Hinckley

By Karin Krisher

Pet of The Week blog post time is a special time here at Pet Naturals. While we introduce you to our family pets, we also get to dig deeper into what makes them so special. This week, we’re featuring Brand Manager Sara Phillip’s golden retriever, Hinckley, who has quite the personality.

Sara and her husband Ken got Hinckley when he was just 7 weeks old. In September, this fun-loving pup turned six.

And still, his energy is more than abundant. Says Sara, “Hinckley is a very energetic dog. If he doesn’t get enough exercise, he’ll grab one of Ken’s sneakers and hold it by the very tip of the shoelace and proceed to spin around in a circle for at least a full minute! Then he staggers around dizzy for a few seconds,” cracking his parents up every time.

Hinckley’s developed some interesting habits over time. Of course, there’s the “swinging sneaker” stunt, which he’s been doing since he was little. He also encourages the family cat to play by licking her head. Since she doesn’t always participate, Hinckley’s had to discover other friends to play with. Sara notes that he can be pretty picky about who he chooses to hang around.

‘He’s very selective. He loves our cat. He loves my parents’ two-year-old black lab. He loves most people—especially the ladies!” she says.

Perhaps because of his picky nature (or a simply wonderful ability to judge character), Hinckley’s also had to find activities he loves on his own. His favorite? “He loves to play fetch with the tennis ball, especially in the water,” says Sara. (It’s also his favorite toy.)

After six years of near-constant energy expenditure, Hinckley’s still a healthy pup. He has some health advantages: parents who care about his diet—and access to yummy supplements!

“Hinckley loves all of our chews,” says Sara. “He uses Oral Health, Scoot Bars and Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.”

Because Hinckley is one of those dogs with an incredibly distinct personality, we think he’s the perfect one for our Pet of the Week feature.

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