Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Pet Of The Week: Twister

By Karin Krisher

It’s that time again! Our Pet of The Week is here! This week, we chose one of our own, Web Master Emir Horozovic, to share his dog, Twister’s, story.

Twister, so named by Emir’s son Ennis, is an 8 year old male black Goldendoodle that Emir says “still behaves like a puppy.” If you think the breed name “black Goldendoodle” sounds a little funny, you aren’t alone. When Emir’s family first decided to welcome a dog into the family, they intended to invite a Rottweiler. They were all set to meet a dog, and just before the meeting, a friend suggested Labradoodles and Goldendoodles, which no one in the family knew existed.

Emir and his family decided to take a chance and check out a new breed, traveling to New Hampshire to meet a litter. Because Twister was the most playful, he came home. Says Emir, “The rest is history.”

And a good history it is. Twister remains cuddly and loving, and his worst behavior is snatching food off the coffee table when someone isn’t in the room. (Lucky Emir!) That doesn’t happen too often, though, because Emir and his family work hard to make sure Twister eats properly and exercises regularly.

Twister also takes HIP+JOINT Chews for medium dogs. As soon as he hears the sound of his joint chews bag, says Emir, he’s right there at your feet “sitting like a good soldier” to get some.

Emir says Twister is special for a host of other reasons, too.

“When Twister was 10 months old he needed corrective surgery on both knees. He was in such pain after the surgery that he couldn’t even get up on his own. We needed to assist him to go outside.”

But Goldendoodles are especially loving and family oriented.

“Even at those painful times he never stopped playing with our kids, even though he wasn’t able to move much at all,” says Emir. “He always gave them kisses and licks, and tried to follow what they did. He always cared a lot about all of us, especially the kids. My daughter Ines and Twister have a special bond. She was 2 when we brought him home and the two of them are still growing up together.”

Tell us about your special bond with your dog and how it began in a comment!