Friday, March 1, 2024
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Six Smarty Paws Pet Stories We Love

Six Smarty Paws Pet Stories We Love

smart dogFrom dogs that scratch our backs for us to cats that lock and unlock doors, we’ve heard a ton of stories about intelligent pet behavior that remind us again and again why we so love sharing our lives with other animals. Here are some of our favorites. What jaw-dropping solutions or tricks has your pet invented?

And Best Actor Goes To…

“I once accidentally stepped on our chihuahua’s paw. He cried and began to limp on that leg. Immediately we lavished him with apologies and treats, set him on a couch cushion, got him a blanket, checked on him repeatedly.

“A while later he was running around the house with our other dogs, but as soon as he saw me, he started crying again and raised his leg and began to limp. I was about to give him sympathy when I realized he was doing it with the WRONG LEG. I actually said out loud ‘um, wasn’t that your other leg I stepped on buddy?’ He paused, looked at me dead in the eye, and switched to the hurt leg! Yeah, no more babying from me if you can’t even remember which leg supposedly hurt… little stinker.” – CoffeeJedi on Reddit

Quincy – Brunch is Served

“When I woke up to an open bag of bagels and an open tub of cream cheese in front of the fridge (both of which were inside the fridge at bedtime), I knew my cat Quincy was to blame. He had even grabbed a butter knife to help him make the meal – seriously! – but he
couldn’t avoid leaving a few telltale cat eating paw prints in the cream cheese.” – Karin

Maddie – Staying Home Today?

“Maddie steals my keys, shoes, socks, sunglasses, and anything else I might need to have with me when I leave for work. She hides them in the couch as soon as she sees me getting ready to try to make me stay. I love that dog. I also had a cat that would bite my eyebrows when it was time for me to wake up.” – Bob

Nosy birdy:

“Our Senegal parrot is our smartest bird. One time my husband was eating some potato chips, but he stayed in the kitchen so the bird wouldn’t demand a chip (the salt is bad for them). But she must have heard the bag rustling or something.

She called him by name.
He answered, ‘What?’
She said, ‘What are you eating?’”
– Slowpoke257 on Reddit

Dora – Escape Artist:

“Dora kept escaping from her crate and we couldn’t figure out how she was doing it, since the door latched on the top and bottom. One day we caught her in the act and it was clear she had devised an entire system to open the door.

“She would lay on her back and push her legs up on the top of the crate. She knew if she could do it just right, the top latch would come out. Once this had happened, it was easy to maneuver the bottom door latch. We have no idea how long this process actually took, but she managed to do it over and over again.” – Amber

One Step at a Time:

“I have a ferret who was stepped on or something as a baby – his hips are weird and he walks funny. My other ferrets like to sleep in the bottom drawer of my dresser, but he was unable to climb in.

“So he took an entire shelf of DVD cases and built himself a staircase. Not a haphazard pile – a neat, organized staircase. And if I took it down, he would obsessively steal them back and rebuild it. It was amazing.” – Xtapol on Reddit