Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Slim Down Your Fat Pets

By Karin Krisher

It’s no big secret that there’s a guilty streak running through some pet owners’ hearts. And it’s all due to that wonderful little issue: weight.

There’s a growing trend of fat pets in this country.

That’s right, we said it. Fat. They’re growing right alongside us humans, and it’s not just an issue because of appearances. Excess weight can have quite the impact on health.

Whatever the causes of weight gain in pets, the solution is always the same: change a habit. It’s a lot easier said than done, but there are actions that make the transition to health go more smoothly (for example, choosing an appropriate supplement).

That’s where we come in. Pet Naturals is overjoyed to finally introduce K9 Slim Down, one of the first supplements to include Phase 2 pet® in a weight management support product for dogs.

The clinically and scientifically proven starch blocking ingredient has been shown to cut starch digestion up to 75 percent, so it naturally supports normal absorption of carbohydrate calories to support weight management—and doesn’t use stimulants of any sort!

fat petsSo far, this formula’s just for dogs—but those looking for support in the cat-e-gory of weight management should know that there are options to get that motivation moving again.

First, make it a point to identify the cause of your animal’s need for weight management support. If you can point to the fact that you feed the cat table scraps at least every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday night, the habit to change is glaringly obvious.

If you can’t think of an action or habit, examining how the animal’s daily life unfolds can help identify one. If a dog or cat is particularly stressed, he might laze around in his comfort spot instead of venturing out into the sun to play. To support his calmness daily, there’s Pet Naturals Calming products, which support mood balance and a reduction of stress-related behaviors, making the great, big, scary outdoors (and the other animals that come with it) a little bit less frightening.

Whatever the habit you choose to change, the first step is a trip to the vet. Just tell them what the probably already know—you want to make your pets’ weight management concerns shrink while their love for you continues to grow. (Psst—K9 Slim Down is one way!)

Always talk to your vet before beginning any sort of diet regimen. While dogs can eat on and off and have a higher tolerance for all types of diet changes, cats are tricky, so getting advice from an expert is a must.

Have you ever helped your pet change a habit? Do your fat pets need weight management support?

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