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Pet Naturals® to Introduce New Products at SuperZoo 2013

By Ashley Watson

super-zoo-2013If you’ve been reading our recent newsletters and blog posts, you know that for the past few months, Pet Naturals® of Vermont has been gearing up for this year’s SuperZoo trade show in Las Vegas, which will take place July 23rd-25th.  We are very excited to return to this year with several new products! We are featuring the newest members to our line of Daily Best multi-vitamins for dogs and cats, as well as our brand new line of condition-specific rabbit supplements coming out later this month.

What is SuperZoo? Trade Show Executive magazine called SuperZoo “One of the 25 fastest-growing trade shows in the United States.” Every year, this event features new and innovative products in the pet industry, from pet supplements to specialty harnesses and toys. It gives retailers and leaders in the pet product industry from around the world a chance to network and learn effective marketing and business strategies.

Pet Product Trends

daily-best-puppyEvery year at SuperZoo, companies have a chance to feature their newest pet products and participate in seminars, pet wellness workshops, and contests. There’s even live music to provide some entertainment. However, the main focus is the “SuperZoo University,” which is a large marketplace of exhibitors divided into sections or “neighborhoods” carved out for a specific product or animal category.

The 2013 SuperZoo will include the following neighborhoods:

  • Pet food and supplement ingredients
  • Trends in natural and organic products
  • Grooming products
  • Birds and small animals
  • New exhibitors

Every year the exhibit spaces sell out quickly, and the new product categories are always expanding. This year, some of the more interesting new products from companies around the globe include BPA-free food and water bowls, magnetic pain relief treatments, treats for chickens, pet caskets, and even wine for your dog!

New Daily Best Multi-Vitamins

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new Daily Best products at this year’s SuperZoo: Daily Best Puppy, Daily Best Kitten, Daily Best XL for larger dogs, and Daily Best Senior Dog (now available in tasty chews). Like humans, dogs and cats have different wellness needs depending on their age, weight, and overall health, and that’s why we’ve added these new products to our line of Daily Best multi-vitamins designed to support the specific needs of your pet throughout the stages of their lives.

New Rabbit Supplements

rabbit-supplementsPet Naturals® has created a new supplement line just for rabbits! Our new line of tasty rabbit crisps designed to meet the needs of rabbits in a tasty alfalfa-based crisp that is also a great source of fiber. We will launch the following on July 17th. Watch for a blog post about the development of these new products:

Daily Best Crisps support healthy digestion and immune system health for rabbits of all breeds and sizes.

Calming Crisps is a non-herbal supplement designed to support a normal, calm state with three synergistic ingredients to help balance mood and behavior.

Immunity Crisps has been designed to support immune system health, liver and heart function, and oxygen utilization.

As SuperZoo expands, so will the products offered in pet stores around the world. What new products or pet industry trends interest you the most? Find us on Facebook and share your thoughts with us!