Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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The Little Chill: Best Dog Coats

By Karin Krisher

It’s that time again! Time to review our favorite dog coats to protect your pup this winter. And guess what? They haven’t changed since the last review. These are still our favorite winter garments on the market.

In Vermont, we love our pets and we know our temperatures. A winter coat is a necessity for all humans—and all dogs. With knowledge of just how important a good winter dog coat can be, here’s our review of the best ones on the market and our recommendations for how to find your pup the perfect personal outerwear.

Hurtta Pet Collection Winter Jacket (From $60)

This jacket’s warm, fully water and windproof, and has reflectors. These three traits are vital in any winter coat. But Hurtta’s takes comfort a step further: it features a fit designed to complement shoulder movement, and uses a simple strap system to allow fast dressing and removal time—perfect for active or training dogs so muscles have a chance to warm-up and cool down properly.

RC Pet Products Whistler ZIp Line Version 2.0 Dog Coat (From $42.00)

This coat is great for your large breed dogs because it’s specifically made to fit big barrel chested and hard to fit breeds. Our Social Medial Coordinator’s dog, Diesel, spends his winters in this coat after going through numerous others that just didn’t fit right. RC Pets is know for their superior quality, functional dog coats, and we don’t think you will be disappointed in their cool outdoor style. (We’re also huge fans of the Skyline Puffy Vest by RC—if only because it’s so stylish.)

Ruffwear Quinzee™ (From $84.95)

The Quinzee™ is just too cool. It meets all of our criteria: it’s reflective, designed to keep them warm even in extreme cold or precipitation, and it’s easy to put on and take off. It also packs into an integrated carrying pack for ultimate convenience. On top of all of that, this coat looks awesome. Your dog will be the coolest warm pup in the neighborhood.

Zack & Zoey Nor’easter Blanket Pet Coat (From $25)

This coat is a simple choice. It looks exactly like a horse blanket, attaches easily with two Velcro straps, has plenty of reflective strips, and, as its name indicates, is weather resistant and incredibly warm. The Nor’Easter features a reversible, waterproof shell and a fleece lining. One customer concern is potential for restricted movement—make sure the coat fits your dogs very well, and return it if you’re dissatisfied with their ability to play like they want to.

These four coats are all excellent options, but there are so many available that we can’t be the final judge. Knowing what makes your dog comfortable and what both of you will demand of a coat (if you want a baggy storage pocket because your dog poops a lot on walks, for example) is a good place to start. Read reviews and do your research and you’re sure to walk away with a comfy coat that you can hang onto for many winters to come.

One added tip? Look for machine washable garments.

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Photo courtesy of RC Pets.