Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Top Five Smartphone Pet Apps

By Karin Krisher

smartphone pet appsWe’ve made an executive decision to declare our very own social media week here at Pet Naturals. We know our supplements make your life as a pet owner just a bit less stressful, and now, we want to let you in on some other products to put you on easy street—our five favorite smartphone pet apps.

They’re so good, they don’t even need introductory fanfare. Here’s the lineup:

1. Pet First Aid – $3.99?

This app has got it all. Full of videos and detailed images to instruct you in any pet first aid endeavor, Pet First Aid helps you learn how to deal with muscle injuries, bleeding, choking and more. It can even walk you performing through doggy CPR, though we hope you’ll never need to.

On top of the tips, Pet First Aid also lets you track all of your pets’ medical info and keep track of your upcoming et appointments. This app is our number one because we always harp on knowing pet first aid. And now, there’s no excuse!

2. Dog Park Finder Plus – $1.99

This app achieves its titular purpose. It’s easy to find a park near you that fits your needs with this bank of over 6600 parks, 1000 dog-friendly rest stops, a ton of reviews and photographs and super accurate location markers. You also get the hours and on-leash rules for each park. Easy to use and ultra convenient, this app makes being a social pet owner a breeze.

3. PetSnap – $1.99

Haven’t you ever tried to snap a cute picture of your pet only to have him look away at the perfect moment? Have you nailed the scenery but just can’t get his attention?

“There’s an app for that.”

PetSnap is a photo app that makes 32 different noises to attract your pet’s attention. It also includes seven different frames, serious zoom capabilities and a bunch of different sizing options. Finally, you can create the photo you always wanted, but Fido would never give you!

4. CatPaint – $0.99

All right, we never said this was a list of the most useful apps. CatPaint is just for fun. (Though you could sell your art if you want to take it there. Ever heard of this guy?) CatPaint consists of an image editor and a bank of cat pics. You can add laser eyes, paint over a cat, erase one, add two and rotate to get your perfect painting of ten cats dancing in tutus in Ireland. Then, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Meow.

5. Pet Master Pro – Free

Pet Master Pro is the perfect pocket organizer for all things pet health related. Track your pet’s medications, vaccinations, appointments, allergies, exercise schedule, insurance data and more. You can add as many pets as you want, and schedule reminders for yourself. The best part? They get profile pics. Could we ask for anything more?

Do you have a favorite pet-related app? Tell us about it in a comment!