Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Why Supplement Storage is Important

20239654_lWhen we craft a tasty supplement chew here at Pet Naturals, we hope that the dog or cat who tries it loves it just as much as our palatability testers (our pets) do.

We also want to be sure that those dogs and cats have access to all of  the nutrients that chew provides, so it’s important that the bags are treated right in the manufacturing and shipping process.

But that’s not where it stops. If you purchase supplements for your puppies or kitties (or rabbits!) – how you store them is important for quite a few reasons. To get the most from your supplements, think about these three factors:


Products you buy from us are tested for purity and potency. That means we want pure raw ingredients that remain at the levels the label tells you they’ll be at. We want you to have a positive experience with label integrity.

You can help ensure that by following the exact storage instructions on the bag. If a label says, “Store at 70 degrees,” or “Keep in a cool, dry place,” it’s best to do as instructed.

Why? Because some ingredients can degrade in quality and quantity when they’re exposed to certain temperatures or moisture levels. Just avoid it by choosing a cool, dry place – and closing the bag tightly.


Taste is another great reason to close the bag tightly and keep temps stable. We pride ourselves on palatability, because our very own pets promise us they love the taste of our supplements – and we trust their taste buds!

But if you leave a bag open or allow it to get too hot in storage, that taste can be compromised – especially because moisture can change the texture – and texture affects taste. Imagine eating a cookie that sat out on the counter for three days. Yuck!


When the human’s away… all sorts of weird things happen at home. Just last week, our designer Amber came home to a pup who had raided the supplements and eaten over a pound of three different types of our chews.

We have an adverse events protocol for dealing with these types of events, but it’s always better to prevent them with well-planned storage.

In Amber’s case, the bags were closed, but the cabinet latch was not enough to withstand the force of her Boxer mix’s paw. Be sure to store all of your supplements where your pups and kitties definitely cannot reach – even if the lock came undone!

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