Thursday, July 18, 2024
General Pet Health

4 Tips for At-Home Pet Grooming

If our pups are anything like us, they’re probably in desperate need of dealing with their “pandemic hair”. For some pets, going to a groomer can be really scary (not to mention costly)! But don’t worry, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you give your fur baby a new do at home.

1. Teach Them to Love Grooming

 Whether your furry friend is at the groomer or in the comfort of their own home, grooming can sometimes make them feel anxious. Teaching your pup to love grooming can take a while, but it is pawssible. Start small, and make sure to overload them with love, encouragement, and LOTS of yummy treats.

Tip: Set up a spa station with their bed, favorite toys and a yummy treat like Busy Butter (our new calming peanut butter). We recommend filling an occupier toy or bone with Busy Butter (before embarking on your grooming adventure. Allowing them to enjoy this treat will shift their focus from the grooming and into their happy place. 

2. Regular Brushing

Once you get your pup used to grooming tools, we recommend regular brushing to avoid matting. Brushing is especially important for dogs with long hair, because mats can become painful (or in some cases even infected). Let’s not forget about our short-haired friends though! Not only does brushing smooth their do – it helps to remove excess dirt and dander which helps extend their grooming sessions.

Tip: Make brushing fun and soothing for your pup. Have them sit next to you on the couch while you gently brush their coat. Make sure to give them lots of love and treats to positively reinforce their behavior. We love using Impawsibly Good Treats for this – they’re available in vegetarian chicken, beef, pepperoni and hot dog flavors!

3. Use the Right Shampoo

Dogs have a different pH level than humans, so you should never use your soap or shampoo. Instead, look for soap-free dog shampoo to help keep their skin and hair clean and healthy.

Tip: Unless your pup gets into something dirty or stinky, most healthy dogs only need a bath once a month.

4. Only Trim a Little

Do you remember that kid in kindergarten who found their mom’s scissors and gave themselves short bangs? Don’t do this to your fur baby! One of the hardest things about at-home grooming is cutting their hair. If you want to avoid an absolutely pawful haircut we recommend taking it SLOW. You can always take more off, so start with a trim and go from there.

Tip: Haircuts go a lot smoother when your dog is able to lie down and remain calm. We recommend giving them Calming 30 minutes before a haircut session to help ease their minds. Once you start, make sure to give them lots of treats and if they get anxious, give them a short break and remind them how much you love them.

See, at-home grooming doesn’t have to be scary! Will you try it? Let us know! Tag us in your grooming tips on Instagram @petnaturals.