Saturday, May 18, 2024
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4 Types of Anxious Doggos During the Howlidays (And How to Ho-Ho-Help Them)

The holidays are the most wonderful time of year but not so much for our dogs. They experience anxiety related to unfamiliar house guests, owners coming and going, different holiday routines and being left at home alone for longer periods of time. So, what do these distressed doggies look like? Here’s our four.

1. The Anti-Socialite

No socializing for this pup. Your guests are his intruders! When it’s time for holiday gatherings, “The Anti-Socialite” tends to run away and hide under the nearest bed. Large groups cause large, scary noises and this kind of dog wants no part of it – no matter how festive the occasion.

2. The Out-of-Key Caroler

Bork, bork, bork! Constant barking is far from festive. If your dog is an “Out-of-Key Caroler” his bork-tunes are probably not popular with the neighbors and he definitely doesn’t enjoy being left alone while you and the family are out of the house.

3. The Unwanted Gift Giver

The pee-puddle on the floor; it’s hardly the gift you had on your holiday wish-list. “The Unwanted Gift Giver” typically does his business when he isn’t invited to the party and has to stay home. It’s not out of spite – it’s usually done out of loneliness and anxiety.

4. The Little Destroyer Boy

Torn up pillows, dog beds, and furniture may lead you to believe your dog is actually trying to get on the Naughty List. If your dog sounds like a “Little Destroyer Boy” don’t give him a lump of coal just yet. Dogs who act out this way could be feeling a bit of separation anxiety. 

These types of dogs don’t hate the holidays – they just don’t know how to deal with them. Our fur babies can have trouble managing their emotions when schedules suddenly change, they are left alone more often, or when large groups of strangers are in their home.

One way to help ease their holiday-anxiety is with Calming chews from Pet Naturals. They are a tasty chew that works naturally – perfect for dogs of all sizes. When combined with training, positive reinforcement, and a little patience, your dog may be more welcoming of the holiday season and all it entails.