Saturday, May 18, 2024
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5 Fun Snow Day Activities for Dogs

Just because it’s cold and snowy, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors with your fur friends. Here are some great ways to keep your active pup entertained in the snow all winter long!

1. Snowball Fetch

Gather up some nice fluffy snow and make some snowballs (no ice please). Once you have a few snowballs made, get ready to play “fetch” with your pup. They are sure to have a blast trying to catch them before they disappear into the snowy ground.

2. Snow Hikes

There is nothing more magical than a walk through the woods in the winter. Bring your dog for a nice walk in the woods or find a packed-down hiking trail. Bonus points if you bring your snowshoes!

3. King of the Mountain

Fresh snow from a recent blizzard? Take advantage of those large snow piles leftover from plowing. Just make sure they are packed down with no air pockets before playing “King of the Mountain”. 

4. Hide the Treats

Does your dog love to dig? Try hiding treats in your backyard under the snow and let your dog try to track them down. Just avoid the yellow snow! Bonus: try using our treats for added nutrition.

5. Snow Maze

Start up the snow blower or grab some shovels and create a doggie maze in your backyard. Make pathways with dead ends and see if they can make it through successfully. Hopefully they can figure it out before the next big storm!

No matter your pup’s energy levels they are sure to be worn out after playing in the snow. So, grab a blanket, a warm drink, and snuggle up because you’ve both earned it.

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