Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Holiday Gift Guide Based on Your Pet’s Personality

Your fur babies deserve to enjoy the holiday season too! Not sure where to start your shopping list? Shower them with the perfect gifts based on their personalities. Does your pet sound like more of a Playful Kitty, Fearful Feline, Active Pup, or Nervous Dog?  Take a look below and check out our recommendations.

1. Playful Kitty

Does your kitten love to run, jump, and play? Then you must have a Playful Kitty! Having all that energy is a sign that they are happy and healthy, but it can get tiring trying to entertain them. Here are some gift items that are sure to keep them busy!

Catnip Infused Felted Balls – These colorful catnip-infused balls have all the benefits of catnip without the mess! Your cat is sure to love batting these around.

Hip + Joint Chews for Cats – Keep your kitty’s pounce powerful with the help of Hip + Joint Chews for Cats. These fish flavored chews are easy to administer and are packed with 6 joint supporting ingredients.

Feathers Teaser Cat Toy – Make playtime more interactive and get that extra energy out with this glitter and feather wand toy. They will go crazy for the crinkly sound and glitter.

Cactus Cat Tree Tower – Bring play time to the next level with this cactus tree tower complete with scratching post, pom ball, and a cozy sleeping hammock.

2. Fearful Feline

This kitty might take a little more time to warm up to new people and pets. Fearful kitties tend to hide, freeze in place, hiss, and startle easily. Introducing these fun gifts can help them overcome their everyday stress and come out of their shell.

Mouse Fishing Rod – This fishing rod is a great way to further your bond with your furry friend while keeping some distance, so they don’t feel overwhelmed. With this cute toy you’re sure to reel in a big one!

Cat Magnet Blanket– Help your kitty get cozy with this super soft chunky knit blanket. It’s perfect for placing in cat carriers, the end of the bed, and anywhere your cat likes to snooze.

Calming for Cats – These chews are a calming supplement designed to support relaxation especially when your cat is stressed out. Whether your cat is stressed about holiday guests or a trip to the vets, these calming chews are an easy way to support calm behavior without sedation or personality changes.

3. Active Pup

High energy pups need plenty of exercise and playtime to stay off the naughty list. These pups give you energetic greetings, bring you toys constantly, and wag their tail at lightning speed. These active pups are always up for an adventure. Here are some must-have items to add to your pup’s holiday list.

Snuff Ball – Hide treats in this interactive snuffle ball to keep your pup busy and engaged. This toy encourages them to use their sense of smell to find yummy treats. Bonus: try hiding our Superfood Treats for added yummy nutrition.

Personalized Dog Water Bottle – Long walks or dog park visits call for a much-needed water break. This cute, customized water bottle allows your active pup to drink on the go without making a mess!

Heartibles – To stay fueled during all of your winter adventures, pack Heartibles! These tasty treats come in four scrumptious flavors: Salmon, Peanut Butter, Chicken and Cheese. Heartibles feature amino acid taurine and omega-3 fatty acids to help keep your dog’s heart healthy & strong for adventures all year long!

Adjustable Dog Leash – This adjustable leash is waterproof and hands free! Adjustable snaps allow you to wear this leash around your waist or over one shoulder. You can also adjust the length of the leash or tie it to an object to secure your pup wherever you go.

4. Nervous Dog

This pup has a hard time being left alone and might bark, pant, pace, shiver, or become destructive. Sometimes anxiety can be shown as aggression when meeting new dogs or people and they may take time warming up to new friends. These gifts are a great way to help ease their stress and keep their minds busy.

Lick Mat – Add some calming peanut butter or wet food to one of these lick mats to keep your pup distracted during a stressful time. They will love the challenge of getting that very last lick!

Busy Butter – Whether your pup gets anxious during car rides or family gatherings; Busy Butter is a tasty treat for on the go. A combination of organic peanut butter and four effective calming ingredients that keep working long after your pup licks it up!

Orthopedic Pet Bed – These fluffy beds help ease pet anxiety. Raised rims help your pup feel protected and the faux fur adds a cozy comfort. These beds are machine washable and come in XS-3XL.

Foraging Frog – Keep your pup’s nose and brain busy with this adorable treat puzzle. Simply place treats on the frog’s tongue and roll it up. Distracting your dog with a fun and rewarding challenge can help ease their stress. Bonus: Try hiding our treats for added yummy nutrition.

No matter your fur baby’s personality, they are sure to love whatever gifts they receive this holiday season. Which items will you be adding to your shopping list? Any other noteworthy must-haves? Let us know, tag @petnaturals on Instagram or Facebook.