Saturday, May 18, 2024
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5 Tips for Keeping Cats Happy Indoors

By Karin Krisher

keeping cats happy indoorsCooped up cats are usually bored cats. Bored cats are usually mischievous cats. In other cases, a bored cat might take the other extreme, and become melancholy. Keeping cats happy indoors is not an easy task, but Pet Naturals hopes to help you do it right.

There’s debate over whether or not cats should be cooped up, but that isn’t the real concern. There are very few places left in the world that are totally safe for outdoor cats. So, since they have to be there, the real question is: How do we keep cats happy indoors?

To make their life experiences brighter, more active, and less cabin fever-inclined, here are our 5 tips for keeping cooped up cats smiling. Read until the end for a special chance to win Pet Naturals’ supplements!

1.    Look Up and Out

Cats are climbers and researchers. They want to observe the outdoors and act like they’re in it, even when they aren’t. Including cat-friendly vertical items for climbing purposes is a necessary consideration for their happiness. So is including a room with a view and total access. I used to have a giant picture window; the cats would sit on its sill all day, wobbling their heads furiously back and forth, secretly (and not so secretly) scoping out birds’ patterns.

2.    Plant The Seed

Cats love plants, so providing ones they can swat at and nibble on is important. Make sure you do your research; many household plants are toxic to kitties and they won’t necessarily be able to differentiate. Plants for cats will also turn into plants for you. Oxygen is your friend.

3.    Work It Out

Keeping cats happy while they’re indoors is a lot like keeping humans happy while they’re stuck between four walls.

Exercise is king. That said, it’s best to help your cat along in this endeavor. When you get home, play. Fetch doesn’t work, so you might need to pay slightly more attention. Do so. They deserve it, and they’ll behave better!

4.    Feed Curiosity

We’re fans of the idea that curiosity keeps the cat alive. Make that an everyday truth: design or purchase interesting ways for your cat to feed that involve searching out food and gaining the reward for its effort. Food’s not a game for humans anymore, but cats’ instincts may not have caught up with their domestic environment. To start, move food away from your cat’s normal feeding area slowly, day by day. Eventually, your cat will be sniffing in the far corners to get their feed on. Just don’t forget where you left the treats!

5.    Calm Down!

Pet Naturals’ Calming Chews are ideal for supporting calming in indoor cats. They won’t cause drowsiness or personality changes, but will support normal behaviors in times of stress, like, for example, being kept indoors!

Have you tried any of these tips to keep your indoor cats happy? Did they work? Tell us your story in a comment and you could win a free bag of Pet Naturals‘ Calming Chews for your cat or dog!