Thursday, July 18, 2024
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6 Tips to Prepare Your Pets for Back-to-the-Office

Us hoomans aren’t the only ones dreading going back to the office. Our pets, especially those with separation anxiety, are going to have a hard time readjusting to life without us all day. But, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure the smoothest transition back to “normal”.

1. Create a Consistent Routine

If working from home has made your routine (or lack thereof) a little relaxed, now is the time to start it back up. Maybe you walk your pup every morning at the same time, or maybe you feed your cat right at 8am. Whatever it is, make sure you stick to it. Our pets thrive on consistency and easing them back into a routine will help them to understand your patterns throughout the day.

2. Use Calming Supplements

Pet Naturals Calming chews are a great addition to any separation anxiety routine. Try giving your cat or dog calming chews 30 minutes before you leave your house. Not only is this a great step to add to your routine, but the active ingredients will help keep your besties calm when you’re out of the house.

Tip: get a Furbo or other interactive pet camera and give them Calming chews throughout the day for lasting stress relief.

3. Use toys + Busy Butter

Ever fill a toy up with peanut butter to keep your dog occupied? Well, we have something even better! Pet Naturals Busy Butter is real peanut butter with calming ingredients to help keep your pupper entertained and calm! We recommend filling a toy (like a Kong) with Busy Butter and giving it to your pup right before you leave. Tip: Freeze the Busy Butter filled toy overnight for added fun.

4. Play Calming Music or Sounds

Sick of leaving your TV on all day? Try calming music or sounds for pets. Check out the Zen Space playlist compiled by Chewy

5. Get Their Energy Out

Daily outside time and/or walks is so important, especially for dogs. Daily activity can help reduce stress, keep their joints healthy, and allows them to go to the bathroom. If your work schedule doesn’t allow for you to walk your pet daily, we recommend finding a trustworthy dog walker to help.

6. Give Them Extra Love

Finally, make sure to give your pets lots of love and snuggles when you are home! This time is hard for everyone to adjust to, but your pets don’t fully understand what’s going on. Be patient and loving with them and eventually they will fall back into their old routine.

What tips do you have for returning to the office with pets? Tag us on Instagram or Facebook to share with us!