Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Cats Love Bathtubs. Here’s Why.

bad cat bath tubWhy does my cat love the bathtub so much?

It’s a really, really good question.

And not just because we HAVE to know the answer, but because others do, too.

All the speculation surrounding why cats love the bathtub (and the sink, too!) forces both reasonable and downright strange theories to develop.

Here are some of our favorites:

Cats love the bathtub because the water source it houses stimulates their natural senses and drinking instincts.

They don’t tend to drink as much water from a bowl because they wouldn’t naturally find water in this scenario or placement. But running water? Or droplets? Those things are a different story.

Cats love the bathtub because, just like your kitchen floor, it offers a smooth, cool surface on which to rub their fur.

It’s comforting and calming.

Cats love the bathtub because they like hanging out in the bathroom, in general.

cat in the sink They like hanging out in the bathroom, in general, because they observe that our grooming rituals take place there, and they’re interested in how we do the same activities they do – but differently. (We love this theory. Imagine your cat taking cues from your hair-brushing routine?!)


Another possible reason cats love the bathroom: we’re in a closed space where we’re captive to them. This captivity secures the payoff of their attention seeking.

Cats love the bathtub because it’s a deep, safe hiding space.

OK, this theory makes a lot of sense. Cats love sinks, boxes, and little houses, too.

They also love high spaces, though, like shelves, the top of the television, and cat towers. What do these things have in common with the bathtub?

They’re all out of harm’s way, and they all offer differing vantage points from which to view the action of the house. Safe, secretive, and speculative. What could be better for a cat?

Which theory do you think we could prove? Any thoughts about other possible bathtub-cat magnets? Share your ideas on our Facebook page!