Tuesday, June 25, 2024
General pet care

Why Are Dogs Noses Shaped Like That?

dog noseBy Karin Krisher

In the world of pet families, there are a lot of age-old questions. Why does my dog eat my underwear? Why does my cat lick plastic bags? Where does my cat bury his kills? And of course: why is my dog’s nose shaped like that, anyway?

The answer is actually pretty simple.

You know how the nose has large, round nostrils in the center that thin out into small flaps toward the outside of the nose? That shape is a design that helps dogs always get a fresh breath.

On the inhale, a dog takes air in through those large nostrils, filtering out thousands of scents. Then on the exhale, the nostrils shut more and air is pushed out through the side flaps – so the round part stays clean for the next inhale! Pretty brilliant functionality, if you ask us.

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