Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Get Ready for Bark Madness!

By Sara Phillips
Strategic Brand Manager, Pet Naturals® of Vermont

Dog-BracketPet Naturals® is excited to introduce our Bark Madness Tournament and Facebook contest! Visit our Bark Madness Bracket, and vote for your favorite dog – March Madness style. Our bracket features pure and mixed breeds. Four rounds of breed match ups, culminating in the championship on April 3rd, where the winner of the pure breeds will face the winner of the mixed breeds for the title of Favorite Breed. Your votes will determine the winner of our Bark Madness Tournament!

Starting Monday, March 24th, visit our Facebook page to see the match ups of the day. Vote for a winner of each match up by commenting with your breed choice. Vote as often as you like on each match up. Be sure to share each post and get your friends in on the fun.

What are the Prizes?

What’s a tournament without prizes? We’ve got some great prizes planned! In honor of the winner of the pure breed bracket, Pet Naturals® will donate $100 in product to the rescue for that breed. In honor of the winner of the mixed breed bracket, Pet Naturals® will donate the same amount to one of our favorite local shelters here in Vermont.

There are prizes for you too! Each time you vote, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a Pet Naturals® of Vermont t-shirt. We’ll draw 5 winners on Friday, April 4th, when we announce the champion, so be sure to vote! Voting closes at 6 pm EST each day.

Special note from Pet Naturals®

Whether you decide upon a mixed breed or a pure breed, we would like to emphasize that Pet Naturals® supports responsible pet ownership. Please consider taking a trip to your local shelter!

It’s time for Bark Madness!