Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Ways To Support Animal Shelters

By Ashley Watson

Shelter-dogThis past week, we’ve had quite a bit of traffic on Facebook due to our Bark Madness contest. This March Madness style bracket features match ups between purebred dogs and some unique mixed breeds, such as the Horgi (Husky and Corgi mix). You still have until April 3rd to vote for your favorite dog on Facebook for your chance to win a Pet Naturals® t-shirt!

While there are many responsible breeders out there, Pet Naturals® of Vermont also strongly believes in and supports the efforts of organizations that work to save all dogs. That’s why we are donating our supplements to a local shelter and a purebred rescue organization to give rescue dogs a healthy and happy start in their new forever homes. This week’s blog post will take a look at some of these rescue organizations and ways you can help.

Adopting a Dog

Locating a shelter for adopting a dog can be overwhelming if there are a lot of shelters and animal adoption organizations in your area. Usually, people start by visiting their local Humane Society or the ASPCA, but there are also breed rescue programs if you really want to adopt a purebred dog. Greyhound rescues typically have more locations around the country. Greyhounds are lovable, intelligent, quiet, mild-mannered, and make a wonderful addition to an established pet family and families with small children. There are a variety of purebred rescue organizations that actively seek out certain breeds. Location can be a challenge sometimes, so you may have to travel 100 miles or more to find the closest one.

Volunteering at Shelters

Sean and Mel on top of Camel’s Hump in Vermont.

Volunteering at a shelter can be very rewarding and extremely helpful to the rescue organization. Several of our employees at Pet Naturals® volunteer at local animal shelters or work with foster care organizations for pets. Sean Cater, one of our graphic designers, adopted a greyhound from Northern Greyhound Adoptions in St. Albans, VT, and now he regularly volunteers there.

“I started volunteering because I can’t adopt another dog right now. So I figured I could help support Northern Greyhound Adoptions in other ways,” he said, adding, “Plus I love greyhounds, and being able to go up and play with 30 of them can be very fun and rewarding.” Sean and his greyhound are pictured above.

Adena Jonson works in our research and development department, and she works with a few local organizations. One of the organizations she works with is Potter’s Angels Rescue, and Adena volunteers in a variety of ways, including fundraising for Running for Rescues and fostering rescue animals. One of the valuable services they offer is to help provide shelter for pets whose owners can no longer keep them for a variety of reasons. Adena also fosters cats through Save a Death Row Doggie, which is a Vermont based rescue for cats and dogs. Adena also recommends the Green Mountain Pug Rescue (pictured below) and Poodle Rescue of Vermont if you are in Vermont and looking for a dog or volunteer opportunities. Pet Finder is another excellent resource for locating rescue organizations in your area.

Green Mountain Pug Rescue

If you don’t have the time to volunteer, adopt, or foster an animal, consider donating to your local shelter, and it doesn’t always have to be in the form of money. Shelters are always looking for cleaning supplies, old sheets and towels, bedding, and other essential items. An established national organization, such as the Humane Society, should offer multiple ways you can support their organization. Donations make it possible for animal shelters to properly care for the animals while they wait for their new foster family. There are so many ways to help rescue animals, and we hope that we’ve helped you find a way to help support the efforts of all the amazing organizations working hard to save the lives of dogs of all breeds waiting for adoption.

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