Thursday, July 18, 2024
General Pet Health

Giving your Pets Supplements

Graphic Designer, Amber Webster’s pet family sharing her lap for their bedtime game, “Who will win mom’s attention?”
Left to right: Remus, Dora, Emma

In our last blog post, we talked about ways to support animal shelters. We support many shelters and animal rescue organizations by donating our supplements. In fact, we donated to All Breed Rescue Vermont and the Southern California Keeshond Rescue for the finale of our recent Bark Madness contest. We also believe in educating pet parents about animal wellness in general, as well as being a reliable source for education about our products.

While a lot of pet parents may already be aware of supplements for pets, there’s still some misinformation out there about the difference between supplements and treats, and why you should give your pet supplements in the first place. This week we will talk a little about the reasons to give pets supplements and the types of products we offer. Because like you, we love to show off our pets, we’re also featuring pictures of our own pet families!

From One Pet Parent to Another

Interactive Marketing Coordinator, Adrienne Bombard is the proud pet mom of Hadley and Achilles (left to right), who are enjoying some shade after playtime at the dog park.

At Pet Naturals® of Vermont, we are loving pet parents, so we know you want to give your furry family members the very best. Because animals have unique nutritional needs, we recommend that you feed them the best food possible. Most pet foods only meet minimum nutritional guidelines. Talk to your vet and do some research to ensure that you are providing your pet with the most nutritious diet. We also recommend pet supplements to ensure that your pets have everything they need to stay healthy.

Supplement or Treat?

Product Developer Chelsea Tomat is a Keeshond mom, and her dog Winnie was featured in our Bark Madness as the Keeshond representative.

We like to say that our supplements are deceptively delicious, because they are available in a tasty chew that pets love. Your dog or cat will never know they are getting a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. However, because they taste so good, they are often confused with traditional treats, which we also offer for dogs and cats. The difference between treats and our supplements is that the supplements have specific levels of nutrients designed to meet the individual health needs of each pet. But our treats are also healthy, so you can feel good about giving your dog that extra chew when she follows your command. Our product developers ensure that all of our chews are flavored to match the tastes of even the pickiest pet (yes, even cats), and the best part is that our pets get to be the taste testers! What better gig could a dog or cat ask for?

Why Supplements for Pets?

  • To ensure they get all the essential nutrients needed for optimal health
  • To offer hip and joint support for active and growing pets
  • To help calm them down when they are stressed
  • To support a healthy skin and coat and help manage hairballs
  • To give extra support for digestive and urinary tract health
  • To provide dental health support between regular cleanings
Product Developer, Ashley Montminy is the pet parent of Burton-the Great Pyrenees who blends in nicely with his environment here in Vermont.

Pet Naturals® is proud to offer pure, reliable formulas that meet those health needs on individual levels. We offer a wide variety of pet supplements in every category of health for both dogs and cats. Here are a few of the major categories:

  • Daily Best Multivitamins
  • Hip + Joint
  • Calming
  • Skin + Coat
  • Daily Digest Probiotics
  • Dental Care

While these are just the main categories, we offer over 80 products that are designed for different health needs. We also offer natural pet shampoos, and Flea + Tick products that are convenient and safe for all pets!

To learn more about Pet Naturals® and our unique animal health products, visit our website, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!