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Looking for a Nylon Dog Collar?

By Darcie Mumley

Every spring we get our dog, Diesel, a new nylon dog collar and switch him back to his standard leather collar in the fall. Diesel loves to swim, so we need something that can get wet and keep its form. While most women like to spend their spring shopping sprees picking out a new bathing suit, I gravitate to my favorite pet stores excited to pick out Diesel’s new collar.

Because I have been buying a new summer dog collar for years, I have favorite brands and believe that knowledge should be shared. Quality, style and durability in the water are my only real requirements, but–just like kids don’t want to be the dork with the out-of-style backpack–I want Diesel to feel like the hip dog he is.

RC Pet Products makes one of the best nylon dog collars and they have a wonderful selection of nice designs. Staying true to their outdoor-goods image, these collars

Dog Collar
RC Pet product’s Regal Peacock collar

are high quality and have a reflective logo tag to help keep your pets safe at night—or visible to a flashlight. All their styles have matching leashes as well and they even make some sporty coats for those active dogs that need a little extra shelter from the rain.

Ruffwear is another go-to for high quality dog collars. Ruffwear doesn’t have as large of a selection for patterns and

dog collar
Ruffwear’s Hoopie Collar

sizes as RC (toy sizes don’t exist) but they are sturdy and true to the outdoor dog look that you see at RC pets. You can also buy the matching leash, and they have some unique and sturdy clips on their leashes for those dogs that seem to pull through everything.

Looking for more variety or a holiday special? Check out Up Country. The selection here is vast. They have styles with every theme including cupcakes,

dog collars
Up Country’s ribbon collar

stripes and everything in between; they even have nylon dog collars made especially for your wedding day. Up Country’s style is more cute than rough and tough, but don’t think that the quality is any less than the outdoor inspired brands. These collars don’t run.

Whatever you choose, make sure you keep your dog’s personality in mind. You don’t want to put cupcakes on your terrier that thinks he is a Sumo wrestler in a small package. Maybe butterflies are better suited for your Rottweiler or Pit Bull.

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