Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Easter Illies?

By Karin Krisher

We know these flowers are beautiful, but bringing Easter lilies home might give you (and your cat) more than you bargained for.

Because Easter coincides with springtime, we understand the urge to decorate. Lilies smell amazing and add a delicate touch to any room. But they won’t do the same for your cats’ health, so considering a costume for the occasion is a safe bet.

Easter lilies are poisonous to cats, with potential to cause renal failure and even death in a matter of days if ingested. Much like raisins and grapes, we’re not sure what exactly makes the otherwise innocuous flower so volatile to felines, but we do know the decoration is not worth the scare, the medical bill, or the possible loss of your family member.

Symptoms of poisoning include vomiting, frequent drinking and urinating and depression. Dogs are also averse to the flower, but their reaction is less serious, generally involving a stomach ache. If you’ve already brought the lily into your home, consider a trip to the vet if you spot symptoms.

Let your cats off the hook this Easter and choose a different flower. After all, a little curiosity shouldn’t have to hurt anyone.