Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Pet Dental Health Month at Pet Naturals

By Karin Krisher

pet dental health When it comes to pet dental health, we’ve got all the bases covered. Here’s why:

Pet Naturals knows there’s more to dental health than just fresh breath. Don’t get us wrong: stinky dog kisses keep the odor piece on our minds. But we also recognize the need for greater awareness, knowledge and action concerning cat and dog dental health. So we’ve designed products that make taking action simple.

What could be simpler than a chewable stick for dogs? It’s obvious that Breath Bars are designed with odor in mind, but there’s more to them than freshness support. Cleanliness and bacterial balance are crucial components of a healthy mouth. Breath Bars offers support for both, with pumice and cinnamon.

Pumice is an all-natural abrasive with a gritty texture ideal for polishing surfaces. This polishing action is perfect for teeth because of the pits that can form in tooth enamel (the hardest substance in the body). When the surface does become pitted, bacteria and plaque can sneak in and hide. Pumice both cleanses the groove and polishes the surface, seeking out those sneaky bacteria.

Cinnamon, meanwhile, is busy supporting healthy bacterial balance in the mouth.

The other ingredients in Breath Bars support intestinal bacterial balance and have deodorizing actions. Giving your dog a stick to chew once a day is a great way to support mouth cleanliness and keep him (and you) happy!

There are other ingredients and delivery systems that support dental health if a bar option isn’t for you or your pup. One of our favorite formulas is Oral Health, an easy sprinkle powder that’s recommended to support gum health and to help control plaque formation. Taurine, cranberry extract, zinc, probiotics and natural zeolites combine to create a perfect formula for supporting periodontal health in between veterinary cleanings.

Remember me saying this? “So we’ve designed products that make taking action simple.” Oral Health and Breath Bars are the best examples of that simplicity. But we also want the bit about greater knowledge and awareness to come from these products. We hope that a daily reminder of a pet’s teeth’s mere existence will motivate all pet guardians to devote time and energy to dental health.

What do you do to support your dog’s or cat’s periodontal health? Share your tips on our Facebook page!