Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Puppy Love: 6 Perfect Valentine Gifts For Your Cats and Dogs

By Karin Krisher

They say that when you’re in love, you want to tell the world.  To that, I say: Fine. But a lot of us are in love with our pets, and can’t take them on a traditional dinner and a movie date for the big day—or shout it from the rooftops without giving rise to questioning eyes. So this Valentine’s Day, opt for a personal surprise, and treat your most loyal companion to one of these awesome gifts:

Cute Heart Print Collar by Swanky Pet $22.00 on Etsy

You didn’t think we’d make it through our list without including a collar, did you? In this case, it’s the first item because it’s just so darn cute.

Homemade Treats – under $10

Nothing says love like a homemade cake. If you’re the creative or culinary type, try out these recipes for cupcakes and biscuits that will have you pup whining at your feet—in the most loving way possible, of course.

Handmade Organic Catnip “Chocolate Covered Strawberries”

-$16.00/set of 3 on Etsy

Get on this deal now before they run out. These adorable catnip-filled toys are made of fleece and embroidery floss and come in sets of three strawberries with either white or dark chocolate dipping. They’re too cute for any cat not to have.

Cat Treats from Pet Naturals

This is a shameless plug, but it’s only shameless because these treats truly are the perfect gift. Daily Catch, Purr-fect Dairy Treat and Garden Bites are ideal treats for training purposes. They’re totally free of the fillers that come in other treats and cause weight gain.

Toy Dog Extra Small Valentine’s Day Fleece $14.00 on Etsy

Small, pink, covered in hearts. Your little dog has never looked better. And, because it’s just $14.00 and easy to wash and dry, purchasing it for either holiday or everyday use is a good bet. Coat measurements are 8″ at neck, 8″ down back, 12″ around chest.

Fish-Shaped Cat Scratching Toy$27.99 on PetSmart.com

Soft fleece, sisal mat, fish, and the color red. Need we say more?

If you’ve found the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your dog or cat, share your ideas on our Facebook page!