Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Pet of the Week

Pet of The Week: Tolstoy

By Karin Krisher

Our pet of the week is a special character—a husky named Tolstoy whose mommy is our very own Pet Naturals’ Account Representative Michael Ford.

Tolstoy is special for so many reasons. Michael picked him for his different colored eyes: one light, one dark, which reflect one green and one red eye in flash photographs, earning Tolstoy the nickname “good dog, bad dog.” Michael says this couldn’t be more true—though the nine-year-old pup is very affectionate, he has some issues when it comes to “people food.”

Says Michael, “He’s always preferred treats and sweets to food. He gets bored and sometimes won’t eat for a day. He will hold out as long as he can…just to be sure no one gives him a handout. He will then lay down at this bowl and eat one piece of (food) at a time. We refer to him as Cat-Dog at mealtime.”

This nibbling isn’t the only one of Tolstoy’s strange feeding habits. He likes Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Lara Bars, M&Ms, and more. Sweets have definitely done their number on Tolstoy’s comfort in the past.

Michael remembers an infamous chocolate Easter bunny incident: “He grabbed the kids Easter bunnies, 7.5 ounces of solid milk chocolate goodness, box and all, off the computer desk when we were outside taking photos. He had downed two and was working on the third (we have four boys) when I caught him. While not fun, (his sickness) wasn’t so hard to clean up, and (on a positive note), it smelled of chocolate. Needless to say I thought he’d be done his chocoholic phase after this, but nope! The next morning when I went for my walk, he jumped up on the kitchen table and ate all the leftover Easter colored M&M’s. He still prefers anything chocolate and sweets to anything else. He also licked my sugar bowl clean then ate the bowl. The only parts left? A handle, the little knob from the lid and perfect sugar stencils of his front paws.”

Michael remembers fondly that for the first four years of Tolstoy’s life, he was a frequent visitor at the vet’s office. “When I’d call the standard response was ‘What did Tolstoy eat this time?’”

As an avid Pet Naturals palatability tester, Tolstoy has chosen his favorites and is taking both Pet Naturals’ Natural Flex and HIP + JOINT now that he’s older. “He gets bored and we have to switch him back and forth between joint supplements…go figure!”

Says Michael, “Tolstoy also takes PN Daily Digest—for obvious reasons.”