Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Pets of the Week: Felix and Otis

By Karin Krisher

This week we have a special treat for our pet-loving fans. Our pet of the week this time around isn’t just a pet, but PETS!

And that’s because Felix and Otis come as a pair. They’ve been together since birth and will remain that way their whole lives.


Graphic Designer Christy Gustafson met Felix and Otis when a family on her street had a litter of seven kittens. Five years ago, after visiting the new babies, who were mewing and crawling all over each other with affection, Christy and her family knew they had to have at least one. They chose two instead, and Felix and Otis became family right away.

But these spunky cats had a secret: One of them was actually a girl! After taking Otis to his first vet appointment, Christy discovered he was actually a she, but the name stuck.

Now, brother and sister are both incredibly playful and like to spend their days outdoors “walking on tiny rails, squeezing under fences and climbing trees,” says Christy. “Otis sits on top of the neighbor’s shed in the summer in the shade and watches birds and squirrels. They definitely patrol our yard.”

While Otis keeps a watchful eye, Felix, the more adventurous of the two, bounces around the yard. Both cats have their quirks, says Christy. Curling up in signature sleeping places (hidden around the house) and Otis’s tendency to open and slam the food cabinet to show he’s hungry are just two of the hilarious habits this pair has developed.

With all of their quirks and their active lives, Otis and Felix need a mom that pays attention to health. Christy is that mom. These cats always go to the vet on time and use Pet Naturals to supplement their diets. Says Christy, “They love most of the Pet Naturals soft chews. We give them Garden Bites treats, and they like the Daily Best vitamin chews. I keep a bag of Calming around for the nights they really want to go outside but I can smell a skunk out there and I want them to stay in!”

Felix and Otis really are the perfect pair. They’re independent, and they have one another to keep each other entertained all the time. But they do come find the family when they want extra attention. Says Christy, “We really enjoy them. They’re spoiled, and they know it.”

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