Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Store of the Month

Store of the Month: Pet Project LA

barklaThis week, we were ready to re-introduce Store of the Month – and Pet Project LA, which opened for business in 2011, was ready for the big moment! Our own Will Deming interviewed employee Lindsey to learn more about what makes the Bark Avenue store an excellent places for humans and their furry companions.

What was your involvement with pet health before the decision to create a business?

The owners, Jay and Melanie Blumberg, have operated the Bark Avenue foundation which provides free spay and neuter clinics to low income communities. They also help with rescuing and adopting out animals. Bark Avenue, a separate business owned by Jay and Melanie, was open and providing downtown Los Angeles with quality daycare, boarding, and grooming until February 2014.

How have you seen interest in pet wellness grow over the past three years?

Information is everything. The more consumers become aware of manufacturing processes and ingredient sourcing, the more they are moving away from grocery store brands and looking for high quality independent brands.

What has been your favorite customer interaction, or what interactions always make you smile?

I think the best part of working in the store on a consistent basis is seeing all the puppies grow up into adult dogs. I love watching themchange as they grow.

Do you allow pets inside? Tell me about one remarkable dog or cat or bunny that you saw improve over time. ??

Yes, we do allow pets inside our store. One of our employees adopted a German Shepard from a customer who regularly fosters dogs. At the time the dog was malnourished and depressed. After being adopted he was a like a new dog. His confidence grew, he gained healthy weight, and was just an all around new, happy dog.

What kinds of special events do you host at your store or in the community??

We occasionally host adoption events with a rescue partner outside the store.

What supplements have your customers particularly loved?

It’s niceLindsey_bio_pic330 to have a line of a wide variety of supplements that are trusted and made in the USA. Our most popular Pet Naturals supplements are the Calming treats for cats and dogs, as well as the Hip and Joint supplements for dogs.

Since we live in a urban environment, the Calming treats are effective with customers whose animals are stressed because of the wide variety of noises and people.


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