Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Why Does My Bunny Do That?

10691555_lAny of us who have ever owned, played with or cared for a house bunny know that there are some rabbit behaviors that seem to defy explanation.

So often do we find ourselves asking “why do they do that?” that we finally decided to dig a little deeper.


So, why does your bunny thump? Chew your electronics? Circle around and around? Pull out their own hair? Read on for our answers.

Let’s start with the age-old question: Why does my bunny thump?

Thumping doesn’t go quite the way Disney would have us believe, right? Instead, it looks a bit more like a donkey kick. Rabbits stand on all four feet in a tiptoe fashion and lift just their back feet to pump them against the ground. The thump is a warning to all other nearby bunnies and humans: something dangerous is here.

6757941_lOf course we know that’s not always really the case, but a rabbit might sense danger in a small change in his or her environment, such as the noise of the air conditioner cranking on.

Why does my bunny pull out her hair?

Hair pulling is usually a function of pregnancy, but sometimes even non-pregnant female bunnies will think they are carrying offspring, so they start building nests using fur torn from their chests or legs. It doesn’t serve a real function; it’s a false preparedness. But hey, if our bunnies want to be girl scouts, that’s just fine!

Why does my bunny circle around?

Circling is a way to get attention – either during the courting process (it usually occurs when bunnies need to be spayed or neutered) or just as a cry for you to give them a little pat or a snack.

Why does my bunny chew through my all of my cords?

403985_lProbably one of the more frustrating (and frightening!) aspects of a domestic bunny’s behavior is its tendency to chew through cords. A lot of people theorize that they’re drawn to something in the cord – the vibration or the noise, for example. Others believe they have an affinity for “plastic taste” or for the rubber texture. Still others theorize that bunnies think the cords are roots that need to stay far from their homes, lest a burrow soon fill with a tree.

This one will remain a relative mystery. So until we solve it, just be sure to bunny proof your home by not leaving your rabbit alone (ever) in a room with reachable cords. It’s just not worth the potential fire or short.

Why does my bunny dance?

Dancing, which can be identified by the leaps, turns and headshakes it entails, is a sign of happiness. Let’s just call it frolicking. If your bunny frolics, you’re probably doing a great job as a fur parent.

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