Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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The Secret Wish List: Best Gifts for Your Pets!

By Karin Krisher

best gifts for petsThe holidays are usually associated with giving—and we really, really like giving to our pets. (Who can blame us? Don’t you like it, too!?) We always want to pick the best, but sometimes we don’t know what they’re thinking.

Pet Naturals has chosen some of our favorite best gifts for pets based on what we think our cats and dogs really want. We thought about their most obvious desires, be they health or pleasure related, and created a pet’s holiday wish list featuring our top six. What do you think your pet would choose that didn’t make the cut? Tell us in a comment!

ID Tag

OK, pets might not put this on their list because they’re not sure yet that they’ll need it. Ideally, they’d never find out! But we know that if pets knew how important a good ID tag is, they’d choose this awesome one (or one like it) to keep on their collars at all times!

Feeding Dish

Not all eating and drinking bowls are created equal. In fact, this one certainly breaks the mold. It’s eco-friendly and raised, ergonomically designed to support their neck and spine health!


best gifts for petsThis one might not be a secret! All dogs and cats love a great bed, a place they can call home (whenever they feel like it). A cool, antique-styled bed, like this one styled as a suitcase, will add an element of class to your pet’s area. Conversely, your pet might be devoted to comfort only. Try an eco-friendly, recycled fleece option!


Pet Stairs/ Climbers

best gifts for petsThese made the list because our animals are meant to be active. We need to give them ways to be themselves indoors, like a set of cat climbing shelves. Stairs are also great for older or larger pets who might have a hard time elevating themselves to a lazier level—couch level.

Wall Hanging Cat Scratch Pads

These babies are decorative and functional, and your cat really, really wants them, because it really, really loves you and doesn’t want to watch you cry as you stare helplessly at your new sofa’s arm, now strewn with claw marks. Just get them. You’ll both be happy about it.

Reflective Leash/Harness

Here’s another one your pets might not know they want. But they do, or at least they should! A reflective leash or harness is safest for walking your dog at night. You should wear reflective clothing, too, as winter leaves the skies dark before 4 pm in areas like Vermont!

And The Absolute Best Gifts for Pets

Why not fill their stockings with healthy Pet Natural’s supplements? You know the nutritional benefits, but they think you just gave them a treat. Try our Calming chews to help take the edge off their holiday excitement.