Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Your Rabbit and the Holidays: What you Need to Know

rabbit christmasDo you have a rabbit who wants to celebrate the holidays by your side? Can’t figure out how to make your Christmas celebration bunny safe and fun for the whole crew?

We’ve got some tips for that.


Safety First, As Usual 

To keep both your rabbits and your family and guests safe this holiday season, we suggest the following:

–       Create a comfy hiding space away from where guests will congregate

–       Consider a baby gate around the tree to keep rabbits away from branches

–       Keep other festive plants on high shelves away from your rabbit’s reach

–       Watch for electric wire or lights at nibble level – a must avoid at all costs

–       Keep the candles, ribbons and human treats at an unreachable height, too!

As you can see, most safety tips for your pet rabbit’s holiday involve keeping him separate from the all of the cheer. But there are ways to bring the cheer to them without the safety hazards!

Fun For Even The Smallest Creatures

These rabbit-friendly holiday hacks will help every bunny have a good time.

–       Give them a mini, untreated tree to nibble, or a pinecone!

–       Take small groups of visitors into his room so he’s social, but with supervision

–       Consider Calming Crisps to set the right mood

–       For a mini tree (or just a snack) decorate with these amazing homemade treats.

What’s your favorite way to keep your bunnies both safe and entertained during the holiday season? Share your story in a comment!

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