Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Just for fun

What are Lick Mats + How to Make Them

If you find that your dog has become increasingly bored or anxious lately, you should consider entertaining them with lick mats! Lick mats are typically made of silicone that you can fill with treats and peanut butter to keep your pet calm and entertained. There are a lot of lick mats out there, but we particularly like this Boredom Buster from Amazon.

Not only do lick mats encourage stress relief, slow feeding, and entertainment – the increased saliva from licking can help aid in your pet’s digestion. We’ve taken the benefits of lick mats a step further by filling them with Busy Butter and Calming chews!

We filled our lick mat with a few Calming chews, banana slices, and topped it with Busy Butter. Freeze for 15 minutes and you have the perfect calming activity for your pet. The best part is you can customize it with your dog’s favorite treats and flavors.

If you make your own lick mat, we’d love to see it! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook @petnaturals