Saturday, May 18, 2024
General pet care

What Key Information Should You Have for Your Pet Sitter?

When you’re spending a few days away from home, the four-legged family members aren’t always able to come along. If you are lucky enough to have a friend, neighbor, or pet-sitter come to look after your dogs and/or cats, it’s always helpful to provide some information specific to your pet. Here are a few things we’d recommend:

Daily Routine

Most pets thrive on a routine. By providing a typical schedule for your pet sitter, it can help reduce extra stress for your pet while you’re gone.

  • When are mealtimes?
  • What are the servings for each meal?
  • Any dietary restrictions, allergies, or medication?
  • Are treats given?
  • When do you go for walks?
  • What does playtime usually look like?

Allowed & Not Allowed

Those puppy dog eyes will get you every time! Try and help your pet sitter avoid manipulation by your adorable pet.

  • Pets are allowed on the couch – Y / N
  • Pets are allowed on the bed – Y / N
  • Cats are allowed outside – Y / N

House Help

If your pet sitter isn’t a close friend, they may not know their way around your house. Providing locations for pet-related items can be extremely helpful.

  • Cleaning supplies in case of an accident are located:
  • Leash and poop bags for walks are located:
  • Litter box and scoop supplies are located:

Contact Info

It’s always better to be over-prepared – don’t forget to give your pet sitter vital contact info in case of emergencies.

  • Your contact info:
  • Alternate contact if you are unreachable:
  • Your vet’s contact info: